Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Elephant Boy

-childrens book
-a boy with an elephant head
-made fun of
-sad and sits alone
-meets another child with an animal head, become friends (cow/cat/dog/fish)
-not like the 1937 film

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toy Box (book)

the many uses for a child to use a box
-fort/ doll house
-a space ship/car/boat
-write on/draw on/ dance on
-a pet

Krod Mandoon and the flaming sword of fire (suggestions)

-muppet creatures (team up with jim henson)
-the icey sword of ice, the flaming swords equal
-underwater/underground citie
-village of animal people
-harry potter jokes
-a magic spell that makes a person into an animated character
-castle of virgen maiddens
-guest comedians as cort jesters that have something bad happen to them
-little people land (midget actors)
-freak show

guest appearance
-kevin sorbo
-pamela anderson
-lucie lawless
-warwick davis
-tyra banks
-carel strucken
-jimmie J.J. Walker
-spice williams -crosby
-linda hunt

Monday, March 16, 2009

Survival Guide

Orphan survival guide
-oliver twist
-huck finn
-money/education/health/the future

Teenage survival guide
-Popularity/being cool
-what to think about (the future/college/friends/work/responsibility/right and wrong)

Not another golfing movie

-Cady shack
-happy gilmore
-tiger woods
-golf courses

possible story
-a rising golfer
compete with snoby rich people
-win golf range/course

not another ghost movie

-Ghost Dad
-Ghost Busters
-Beetle Juice

possible story
-person dies and has a chance to live again
-friends with living and dead
-fightst against evil living and evil dead
-use ghost powers (fly/controll objects/alter perception)

What are you doing with your life (book)

waiting time
commiting a crime
working at a job
being a slob
living rich
living poor
thinking life is a bore
going nowhere
not giving a care, thinking life is unfare
feeling alive
feeling dead
not having a thought in your head

you live life once, you dunce
live it, love it, do something with it
or you will be no better then shi...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

when i grow up (book)

when i grow up
i want to be
-fire man
-police man


money maker (book)

a boy gets money for the first time and finds ways to earning more
-lemonade/food stand
-yard work for neighbors
-yard sale/ his old toys and clothes

thinking of what he would buy with his money

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sonny with a chance (suggestion)

one of Sonny's skits is turned into a movie, with Sonny as the star
So Random has a celeb guest star (hanna montana)
Mackenzie falls gets cancelled and So Random helps them
award show

old fokes acting young when no one's around
people walked by dogs
people zoo (cheerleaders/jocks/nerds/goths)
nerds bullying bullies/ ugly girls laphing at hot girls (twilight zone)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The lonley lizard

Deep in the far off jungles there was a little lonely lizard
One day he got tired of being lonely and set off to look for a friend

The lizard first came across some tigers; “they look tough and dangerous” said the lizard and he continued looking.

He then came across some birds “hello” said the lizard “can I be your friend?” “No” said the birds “Go away and leave us alone!”

Then tried the Rabbits

And The Monkeys

The lizard looked and looked, he almost gave up looking when suddenly a dog came up to him and said, “excuse me, would you like to be my friend?” the lizard said “yes” and they became the best of friends.


jim and Tim (book)

jim goes to school obays all the rools
Tim fools around, acts like a clown

jim does his homework and study
Tim sits around and talks to his budy

jim does the chore
Tim thinks work is a waste and a bore

mom and dad make jim do all the work he has not done
while Tim has all the fun

have fun when the work is done

why you go to school and learn (book)

You go to school to learn
you go to school to be on your own, away from home
you learn to know
you learn to grow
school is like a job
you work hard to earn something
the real world is a working world, you work hard to get any where in it

Monday, March 2, 2009

Faerie Tale Theatre (remake)

I believe that Gaylord Productions should team up with Disney Channel to do a remake of Faerie Tale Theatre, using todays young actors.
team up with Rainmaker Entertainment and make it animated