Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haloe 4



How the war started

chief in training

New galaxy, New Halo
New enimies, new alies

Pilot a spacecraft, fight in space

-laser trip mines

force field device

Jet pack/boots

self projecting hologram

personal transporter
-teleport randomley each time

Online PC game
Create your own character (male/female)
new level made each month
record your playing and save on your character profile
create a biography
log book

Monday, September 15, 2008

My life as a Teenage robot season 4

The Teenage Roblog
-dedicated to the show
-said that the third season of the show will come in October, on NICKTOONS (NOT Nickelodion)

I have some Ideas and suggestions for the show:

Jenny gets an up graded body, she gets older

Travels in time, sees the future

Sisters get upgrades

Teenage Robot movie

Episode 1

Episode where jenny first meets vexus

Episode where jenny looks human

Episode where jenny is on vexus planet

Movie 2
Jenny discovers her sisters, make new alien friends, dates heroe robot

Saturday, September 13, 2008

fantastic Four Season 2, 3

Gallactus and silver surfer
Meta Humans- Johny and Crystal (last for a couple episodes)
-Dooms 4 Part Plan (Simular to Avengers Video Game/ takes three episode to reveal it)
-Dr. Strange (Magic Vs. Science)

Spectacular Spiderman Season 2, 3

-Man Spider and Craven
-Gene Clenser on enimies (Rhino/Electrode/Sandman/ Venom and Carnage/ Scorpion)
-Nightmare: Peter lives through a realistic nightmare where his identity is revealed
-Spiderman joins the Avengers
-Spiderman day

-Madom web

Avengers Vs.JLA Video Game

-Marvel comic heroes/vilians Vs. DC. comic heroes/ vilians
-Create your own super Heroe or Super vilian
-Ultron Vs. Brainiac
-Martian man hunter Vs. Vision
-Hawkeye Vs. Green Arow
-Hulk Vs. Superman
-Batman Vs. Ironman
-spiderman Vs. Nightcrawler
-Catwoman Vs. Black Cat
-Flash Vs. quicksilver

character maker
Powers 2-3

Black Lagoon (anime series, season 2, 3)

-Rock saves Remi, Kills a person to do so
-Remi and Eda dress as ladies for a ball, in order to sneek around the palace
-Discover how Balalaika got her scars
-Rock has dreams of Revi and Revi has dreams of rock
-Rock returns to Japan (visits his parents and has a chance to return to his previouse job)
-Rock and Revi stranded on an island
-how the crue was made: Revi/ Dutch and Benny
-Eda seduces Rock by dating him, Revi is jelouse

Season 2 black box bonus disk
-art of Black lagoon (season 1 and 2)
-stripping videos of Revi/Eda/Balalaika and some other female characters

Black Lagoon (video game)
-made by the peolple that made Mercenaries 2 (pandemic studios: http://www.pandemicstudios.com/)
-Bio's on characters
-dress them up
-use each characters strength and alents

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (suggestions/ideas)

-pressent day john conner meets future day john conner (aksidental time tunnel/ army of terminators try to go through)
-see what Cameron Philips looks like without the exo-skin, her true terminator form
-Cameron sacrifices herself for the conners
-Cameron seduses a guy for info/weapon/ lower his deffences
-Cameron gambles and wins
-Cameron projects a holographic message of future john to present day john, telling him that "even when the war is over man will still make intelegent machines that he will try to controll and that we should not make them enimies but equals. Because man is a biological machine and the terminators are artificial machines that think for themselves and one day even feel. Man and machine can evolve together, that is why I sent Cameron back. To help you, mom and.... to look beyond the enime and see the possibility of a better future."

Guest appearance
-Arnold Scwarzenager- Governor of the state the Conners are living in
-Robert Patrick- as an FBI agent
-Linda Hamilton- as John's future wife or terminator
-Edward Furlock as a criminal/ gang leader/ FBI agent (undercover)/ terminator
-Grace Jones-a terminator that is Cameron's equal (fight each other to the point where they barley have any skin of flesh)

-Cameron with her robotic arm in fron of her
-split down the middle, johnes face on one side and a terminatore face on the other
-holographic poster that changes, from cameron in homan form to her terminaor form