Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bleach video game2

developed b ubisoft

play each Bleach game chapter by chapter
-use fist or swords in Versus
-play any and all characters in multi player
-collect energy and money
-buy abilities
explore Ichigogos city/ soul society

Bleach movie 3

Ichigo fights his Hollow self
all the soul reapers in the soul society fight there hollow self
Ichigo graduates Highschool
Ichigo meets his mothers ghost (or what appears to be)
Ichigo fights Grand Fisher
Ichigos family discovers his reaper secret
Ichigo and Orihime have a romantic moment

Rainmaker Entertainment suggestions

Howard the Duck (remake movie)
Petes Dragon (remake movie)
Raggedy Ann and Andy (remake movie)
Heman (movie/video game)
Double dragon (movie/game)
Journey to the west (based on the book)

team up with
Team 17 software and National Lampoons
-leisure suite larry (movie)

-Ninja Gaiden (movie)
-dead or alive (movie)

Adness Entertainment
-Kamen Rider (game)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

christina Cox and Danielle Fishel suggested roles of 2009/ 2010

-the sweet life on deck
-CSI Miami
-burn Notice
-ugly betty
-how i met your mother

-The chronicles of Narnia : The voyage of the Dawn Treader
-the green Hornet
-the smurfs
-johny quest
-get smart 2
-the lone ranger

voice over
Leisure suite larry: Box office bust
final fantasy crystal chronicles


Perhaps there can be a remake of the FX movies, that starred Bryan Brown

Melinda Clarke and Musetta Vander star together

Melinda Clarke and Musetta Vander look almost alike
they would be good in a movie or TV role as sisters

tv shows
-legend of the seeker
-terminator: the sarah conner chronicles

voice over for
-anime movies (shrek 5/ conan: Red Nails/ toy story 3/ Planet hulk/ hoodwinked 2)

-video games (Leisure suite larry:Box office bust/ Mass effect 2)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tripping the Rift season 4

1.)how the crew was formed, how they met each other for the first time
2.) Body switchy, the crew and people in the universe change bodies
3.) alternate dimentions, thge crew meets alternate vertions of themselves (a male six, an atractive and nice tenuk, a hot whip, a female chode)
4.)belly of a space beast (Pinochio)
5.)the future, the crew goes to the future
6.)fame and fortune atlast,the creww become celebs

Tripping the rift Movie 2
clown war, Bobo gains a fortune and 2 death orbs (star wars episode 4,6)
chode leads an army to deafeat Bobo
six meets her dad (creator)
an army of six led by chode

bonus materiol
-bloopers, movie bloopers, where the crew mess up like they were doing a movie and screwing up
-dvd game