Monday, October 5, 2009

soul calibur 5

special characters
-dante (devil may cry)
-Rayne (Blood Rayne)
-Lady Death (chaos comics)

-war zone

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bleach: Movie 4

Blood ties/ family bonds
-an enimy from Ichigo's fathers past comes for revenge
-Ichigo discovers his fathers soul reaper secret
-Ichigo's sister discovers her soulreaper powers
-ichigo/father and sister fight side by side as a family

fathers past
-the son of shigekuni yamamoto-Genryusai
-brother to the enemy that wants revenge (in love with the same woman that Ichego's dad maried)
-has a mod soul of his own
-took wife's last name

Ichego and family save mothers soul

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Batman:Arkham assylum sequals

the titan plot was just part of a bigger plot that involves gotham city and the world

Batman: Gotham city
-fight foes you did not fight in Arkham
-use all of batman's vehicles and gadgets (create your own)
-learn the history of Gotham
-discover hidden passages that batman uses

-firefly in the air
-catwoman on the rooftops
-new bane and his army
-soloman Grundy
-the pinguin and his birds
-bank robbers

go through the riddlers labyrinth of riddles

-all of gotham
-wayne mantion and batcave
-gotham sewers

call for bat:
any where any time

swim underwater
blend in with the shadows
use smoke bombs
batarange laso

Batman: world
-ras al ghoul/ poison ivy and Mr.freez team up to change the world, they claim to be saving it

-different environment batsuites (arctic snow/steemy jungles/hot desserts)

-plant monsters
-polar bears and eskimo henchmen
-ghoul henchmen
-scarface (brought to life with the help of poison ivy)

Monday, July 27, 2009

The toilet

The toilet is big
the toilet is round
the toilet makes a big (swooshing) sound
it for your pooh and potty
witch is good to let out of your body
it may be scary
but you have nothing to worry

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Street Fighter 5

-gain power with each defeat
-characters transform (god like/ ultimate power) and use there powers in there own way (what would M.bison do if he were a god?)

animated movie
-Ryu is the son of akumo or related to him some how
-ryu becomes an angelic being with power equal or grater than akumo (a blue or white like color surrounds him)
-The good characters join together to find and defeat M.Bison
-M.Bison posseses Ryu and uses his power, but Ryu fights M.Bison in his mind and wins
-Ryu trains with Dhalsim to controll his power

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fighting game

Mortal kombat Vs. Street Fighter


Marvel Vs. DC


Dead or alive Vs. Tekken


Monday, July 6, 2009

Starship Troopers

Fan sight
-there should be a fan sight for Starship troopers
-for the movie/cartoon series/comic books and games
-a forum to discuss ideas/ stories and other related things/ fan art
-link to celeb web sights/ celebs who were in the S.T movies

Starship troopers 4
the bugs evolve as a last chance to survive, bug people
movie insperations:
jeepers creepers
men in black
spider riders
a bugs life

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ghostbusters 2: Video Game

-travel the world
-set up a new ghost buster building in a new area
-new vehicles (boat/plain/helicopter/motorcicle)
-mythical creatures (banshees/suckubus/)
-go where you want
-do mitions, freelance jobs, or rome
-return to places you have been to

new ghosts:
shadow ghosts
ghost lights
balls of light
army of ghosts
animal ghosts

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prototype download suggestions

-give orders
-fly, wings
-run faster
-jump higher (high as a sky scrapper or hellacopter)
-break through walls
-go invisible (like a chamelion)
-lure a person over (call them over to you, follow you)

new ares
-war ships
-underground (sewer/cave/tunnel)

-military (president of U.S.)
-personal (childhood/family/friends/)

multiplayer battle
-fight one another

Leisure suite Larry: Box Office bust download suggestions

-men in black
-robo cop

new film set
-army bace


infeltrate other movie studio and ruin them
music video

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Terminator war game

join any side

fight anywhere
-hidden base

-ride basic vehicles
-ride terminator vehicles (hack into)

be any human
-sarah conner
-john konner
-kile reece

or any terminator

just like any other war game but terminator style

Monday, June 8, 2009

Volcanic Energy

using the heat of a volcanoe as an energy source
-simular to solar energy
-place heat ubsorbing pannels near volcanoe
-ubsorb the heat and convert into energy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Responsible book

I can
-clean the dishes (chores)
-feed the dog
-clean my room
-water the flowers
-clean my self (shower)
-manage my money (pigey bank)
-i can take care of myself and others (sister and brothers)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Transformers 3

metal and flesh are one
like beast wars
transformer vertion of terminator
a human transformer
animals in a zoo transform

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Disney Park

A small community park, for those that don't have the time or money for a Disney vacation. Cane have a small taste of the Disney experience, The park is small and simple. Like Fairytale Town (
-a Merry go round with Disney animal characters
(Bambi/Dumbo/Lion King/Nemo/Mushu/Orville (rsecuers)/horse (sleeping beutey/hercules))
-Pirate boat
-castle (throne/look out of a tower)
-forest (alice in wonder land/peter pan/snow white/winnie the pooh)
-petting zoo
-small rides

-story telling
-learn to draw
-face your fears (sleep over)
-movie night (disney movie)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anthony Head

surviving suburbia
Krod Mandoon and the flaming sword of fire

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ultimate video game experience

I think that if Emotive systems teams up with Vuzix or Toshiba (with there 360-head mounted display), they could create an amazing vertual experiance.

A hands free video game where you see and hear what your character does, while controlling it all with your thoughts.A helmet like product with air holes and micraphone.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainmaker Entertainment films

-My Pet Monster
-purple people eater
-Little Nemo: adventures in slumber land
-Betty Boop
-Captain Planet
-double Dragons
-toxic crusaders
-teen wolf

from books:
-huck finn
-tom sawyer
-the hardy boys
-Shazam (DC comic book character)
-danger girl (wildstorm productions comic book)

-the invesable boy
-Peewee (adventures of a young peewee herman)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

X-Men Origins 2,3

-Born in Africa
-Orphan living on the streets
-bumping into profeesor X
-Returning to Africa
-Shadow King using her

-russion farm
-Fights for his peoples freedom
-protects his sister
-A young Night crawler, in the circus

X-Men existance
-time travel
-CABLE and BISHUP VS. SINISTER and APOCLYPSE (and his minions)
-from the first mutant to (young) Proffesor X to the future of mutants and humans
-sentinals, MASTERMOLD
-Sinister goes in time and secretly creats Bishop using Jean grey and Cyclops DNA

Dazzler and jubilee rocking out

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Credit Report Band

Hobo song
-garbage cans as drums
-other bums listening
-people passing by

community service
-picking up garbage
-near the streets

with kids
-being a parent
-child expenses

-serving my country

Monday, April 20, 2009

Harold and Kumar 3, 4

Save the day
-ubducted by aliens
-visited by the ghost of Neil Patrick Harris (starwars)
-save the world from being destroyed/ enslaved (Flash Gorden/ day the earth stood still/Men In Black)
-aliens are specious towards humans
-alien babes
-space age weed

serious relation ship
-harold or kumar move in with there girl friend
-Kumar works at a job
-wedding plans
-worry of the future (kids/ no more fun/ getting old)
-stoner wedding

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cupid (2009 TV series)

match up:
cop and criminal
cheerleader and nerd
Bum and millionaire

mail ordered bride/ grume

Cupid deals with someone claiming to be a Roman God (Juno/Venus/Neptune)

Cupid works on a dating show

Valentines day
-offended by baby cupid stereotype
-heart shaped candy
-work over time

Jeremy Piven guest stars on an episode

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Muppet movies

-robin hood
-Fairy tales
-frog prince (remake)
-genertion (an new generation of muppets)
-round the world in 80 days

a new muppet takes an adventure to make it in hollywood
-celeb guest stars (disney channel/nickelodeon stars//drew berry more/)
-famouse muppet guest stars (Sesame Street characters/Kermit the frog)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Elephant Boy

-childrens book
-a boy with an elephant head
-made fun of
-sad and sits alone
-meets another child with an animal head, become friends (cow/cat/dog/fish)
-not like the 1937 film

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toy Box (book)

the many uses for a child to use a box
-fort/ doll house
-a space ship/car/boat
-write on/draw on/ dance on
-a pet

Krod Mandoon and the flaming sword of fire (suggestions)

-muppet creatures (team up with jim henson)
-the icey sword of ice, the flaming swords equal
-underwater/underground citie
-village of animal people
-harry potter jokes
-a magic spell that makes a person into an animated character
-castle of virgen maiddens
-guest comedians as cort jesters that have something bad happen to them
-little people land (midget actors)
-freak show

guest appearance
-kevin sorbo
-pamela anderson
-lucie lawless
-warwick davis
-tyra banks
-carel strucken
-jimmie J.J. Walker
-spice williams -crosby
-linda hunt

Monday, March 16, 2009

Survival Guide

Orphan survival guide
-oliver twist
-huck finn
-money/education/health/the future

Teenage survival guide
-Popularity/being cool
-what to think about (the future/college/friends/work/responsibility/right and wrong)

Not another golfing movie

-Cady shack
-happy gilmore
-tiger woods
-golf courses

possible story
-a rising golfer
compete with snoby rich people
-win golf range/course

not another ghost movie

-Ghost Dad
-Ghost Busters
-Beetle Juice

possible story
-person dies and has a chance to live again
-friends with living and dead
-fightst against evil living and evil dead
-use ghost powers (fly/controll objects/alter perception)

What are you doing with your life (book)

waiting time
commiting a crime
working at a job
being a slob
living rich
living poor
thinking life is a bore
going nowhere
not giving a care, thinking life is unfare
feeling alive
feeling dead
not having a thought in your head

you live life once, you dunce
live it, love it, do something with it
or you will be no better then shi...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

when i grow up (book)

when i grow up
i want to be
-fire man
-police man


money maker (book)

a boy gets money for the first time and finds ways to earning more
-lemonade/food stand
-yard work for neighbors
-yard sale/ his old toys and clothes

thinking of what he would buy with his money

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sonny with a chance (suggestion)

one of Sonny's skits is turned into a movie, with Sonny as the star
So Random has a celeb guest star (hanna montana)
Mackenzie falls gets cancelled and So Random helps them
award show

old fokes acting young when no one's around
people walked by dogs
people zoo (cheerleaders/jocks/nerds/goths)
nerds bullying bullies/ ugly girls laphing at hot girls (twilight zone)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The lonley lizard

Deep in the far off jungles there was a little lonely lizard
One day he got tired of being lonely and set off to look for a friend

The lizard first came across some tigers; “they look tough and dangerous” said the lizard and he continued looking.

He then came across some birds “hello” said the lizard “can I be your friend?” “No” said the birds “Go away and leave us alone!”

Then tried the Rabbits

And The Monkeys

The lizard looked and looked, he almost gave up looking when suddenly a dog came up to him and said, “excuse me, would you like to be my friend?” the lizard said “yes” and they became the best of friends.


jim and Tim (book)

jim goes to school obays all the rools
Tim fools around, acts like a clown

jim does his homework and study
Tim sits around and talks to his budy

jim does the chore
Tim thinks work is a waste and a bore

mom and dad make jim do all the work he has not done
while Tim has all the fun

have fun when the work is done

why you go to school and learn (book)

You go to school to learn
you go to school to be on your own, away from home
you learn to know
you learn to grow
school is like a job
you work hard to earn something
the real world is a working world, you work hard to get any where in it

Monday, March 2, 2009

Faerie Tale Theatre (remake)

I believe that Gaylord Productions should team up with Disney Channel to do a remake of Faerie Tale Theatre, using todays young actors.
team up with Rainmaker Entertainment and make it animated

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bleach video game2

developed b ubisoft

play each Bleach game chapter by chapter
-use fist or swords in Versus
-play any and all characters in multi player
-collect energy and money
-buy abilities
explore Ichigogos city/ soul society

Bleach movie 3

Ichigo fights his Hollow self
all the soul reapers in the soul society fight there hollow self
Ichigo graduates Highschool
Ichigo meets his mothers ghost (or what appears to be)
Ichigo fights Grand Fisher
Ichigos family discovers his reaper secret
Ichigo and Orihime have a romantic moment

Rainmaker Entertainment suggestions

Howard the Duck (remake movie)
Petes Dragon (remake movie)
Raggedy Ann and Andy (remake movie)
Heman (movie/video game)
Double dragon (movie/game)
Journey to the west (based on the book)

team up with
Team 17 software and National Lampoons
-leisure suite larry (movie)

-Ninja Gaiden (movie)
-dead or alive (movie)

Adness Entertainment
-Kamen Rider (game)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

christina Cox and Danielle Fishel suggested roles of 2009/ 2010

-the sweet life on deck
-CSI Miami
-burn Notice
-ugly betty
-how i met your mother

-The chronicles of Narnia : The voyage of the Dawn Treader
-the green Hornet
-the smurfs
-johny quest
-get smart 2
-the lone ranger

voice over
Leisure suite larry: Box office bust
final fantasy crystal chronicles


Perhaps there can be a remake of the FX movies, that starred Bryan Brown

Melinda Clarke and Musetta Vander star together

Melinda Clarke and Musetta Vander look almost alike
they would be good in a movie or TV role as sisters

tv shows
-legend of the seeker
-terminator: the sarah conner chronicles

voice over for
-anime movies (shrek 5/ conan: Red Nails/ toy story 3/ Planet hulk/ hoodwinked 2)

-video games (Leisure suite larry:Box office bust/ Mass effect 2)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tripping the Rift season 4

1.)how the crew was formed, how they met each other for the first time
2.) Body switchy, the crew and people in the universe change bodies
3.) alternate dimentions, thge crew meets alternate vertions of themselves (a male six, an atractive and nice tenuk, a hot whip, a female chode)
4.)belly of a space beast (Pinochio)
5.)the future, the crew goes to the future
6.)fame and fortune atlast,the creww become celebs

Tripping the rift Movie 2
clown war, Bobo gains a fortune and 2 death orbs (star wars episode 4,6)
chode leads an army to deafeat Bobo
six meets her dad (creator)
an army of six led by chode

bonus materiol
-bloopers, movie bloopers, where the crew mess up like they were doing a movie and screwing up
-dvd game

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil MOVIE

-Lucy gets married
-Lucy has a baby
-Lucy meets her mom (sister Mary)
-Hell on earth, devil rools the world
-Jesus pulls off an amazing miracle that changes the world

bonus features
-clip from show