Saturday, September 13, 2008

Black Lagoon (anime series, season 2, 3)

-Rock saves Remi, Kills a person to do so
-Remi and Eda dress as ladies for a ball, in order to sneek around the palace
-Discover how Balalaika got her scars
-Rock has dreams of Revi and Revi has dreams of rock
-Rock returns to Japan (visits his parents and has a chance to return to his previouse job)
-Rock and Revi stranded on an island
-how the crue was made: Revi/ Dutch and Benny
-Eda seduces Rock by dating him, Revi is jelouse

Season 2 black box bonus disk
-art of Black lagoon (season 1 and 2)
-stripping videos of Revi/Eda/Balalaika and some other female characters

Black Lagoon (video game)
-made by the peolple that made Mercenaries 2 (pandemic studios:
-Bio's on characters
-dress them up
-use each characters strength and alents

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