Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tripping the Rift season 4

1.)how the crew was formed, how they met each other for the first time
2.) Body switchy, the crew and people in the universe change bodies
3.) alternate dimentions, thge crew meets alternate vertions of themselves (a male six, an atractive and nice tenuk, a hot whip, a female chode)
4.)belly of a space beast (Pinochio)
5.)the future, the crew goes to the future
6.)fame and fortune atlast,the creww become celebs

Tripping the rift Movie 2
clown war, Bobo gains a fortune and 2 death orbs (star wars episode 4,6)
chode leads an army to deafeat Bobo
six meets her dad (creator)
an army of six led by chode

bonus materiol
-bloopers, movie bloopers, where the crew mess up like they were doing a movie and screwing up
-dvd game

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