Saturday, September 5, 2009

Batman:Arkham assylum sequals

the titan plot was just part of a bigger plot that involves gotham city and the world

Batman: Gotham city
-fight foes you did not fight in Arkham
-use all of batman's vehicles and gadgets (create your own)
-learn the history of Gotham
-discover hidden passages that batman uses

-firefly in the air
-catwoman on the rooftops
-new bane and his army
-soloman Grundy
-the pinguin and his birds
-bank robbers

go through the riddlers labyrinth of riddles

-all of gotham
-wayne mantion and batcave
-gotham sewers

call for bat:
any where any time

swim underwater
blend in with the shadows
use smoke bombs
batarange laso

Batman: world
-ras al ghoul/ poison ivy and Mr.freez team up to change the world, they claim to be saving it

-different environment batsuites (arctic snow/steemy jungles/hot desserts)

-plant monsters
-polar bears and eskimo henchmen
-ghoul henchmen
-scarface (brought to life with the help of poison ivy)

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Conor said...

Haha, my favorite was the Eskimo henchmen/ Polar bear idea.