Monday, October 27, 2008

Garfiled movie/ game

Garfield 3 (movie)
-Garfield is chosen to be in a cat commercial, then on a tv show and then movie
-becoming famouse
-meets and falls in love with Arlene
-John has a kid
-Garfield learns that fame is not every thing, friends and family are
-guest appearance by Jim Davis, as himself, is inspired to make Garfield comik strip or is a back ground character

Video Game
-based on the animated movies
-save the comik world
-explore the comik world
-interact with characters from Garfield and other comik strips
-experience toon like situations (hot food/ eating/sleeping/falling/ running and more)
-use any and all of Garfields abilities and other characters who help
-multi player battle and challenges (food eating/race)
-put on performances and acts
-mail Nermal
-do pranks
-spend time with Arlene (romane/dance)
-clothes and costumes to wear

-comic strips
-news paper

Bonus matterial
-comic strip
-making of game
-info on characters
-cartoon series clips
-sketches, drawings

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