Wednesday, October 29, 2008

lions head studios game suggestions/ideas

-fable meets starwars
-your choices shape the galaxie/univers
-go planet to planet (helping or destroying)
-saber sword/weapon- lazer blade (looks like a flat gloing blade) with a sword like handle
-sleep with alien babes
-command a small or big ship or crue
-buy newer and better ships, upgrade them
-ask or force people to be on your crue
-fight an empire, create your own

the movies: animated
-create a cartoon character and have him do what you want
-example: Who frammed rogger rabbit

Fable 3
-modern world
-fable meets saints row
-cars/sky scrapers
-por, rich
-your character is in a poor neighber hood, stumbles on a magic item
-magic shops/ museums
-the world of magic wants to com into the modern world
-a business man uses magic to be rich

-not exacly like the Jim Henson movie
-your choice could get you out of the maze or farther in it, leaving you stuck
-solve riddles, puzzles and problems to move on

-be a rising star (movies/music/other)
-work twords being a celeb
-gigs skezual
-meet celebs
-travel the world
-be a man or woman

Mortal Combat 10
-lions head teams up with creators of Mortal combat
-create your own destoney through choices (good/bad)
-heroe or villian
-man or woman
-shape your character
-what world is your character from, start your journey from that world
-join or creat a team (in the game or online)
-online combat and journey (fight characters made by other players/ help expand the mortal combat world)

Grand Theft Auto 5
-lions head teams up
-do the story as a man or woman
-plastic surgery (to change appearance)
-make the city better or wors

-earn your way into heaven or hell
-be a guardian angel or mischevous demon
-gain new abilities (move objects/ posses pople/ project scary images)
-stuff from Ghost Buster/ Poltergiest/ ghost dad/GHOST

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